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Supporting Frontier technologies

Cooper Platform quickly manages the movement and reporting of digital assets between trading accounts and secure offline storage from one simple place.

Tigerhall enables people to reach their career, business, and lifestyle life goals faster by learning actionable skills from Asia’s most successful people. Through original Power Reads, Podcasts and Events from experts with real-world experience.

KILDE is a platform for alternative investments. KILDE brings high-yield and low-risk regular income to people like you and us. Your investment goes to leading consumer and lending firms. In return, they use your funds to give sustainable loans to underbanked consumers and SMEs.

Full Nature Limited (FN) is an Organic Growing company headquartered in Hong Kong. FN is focused on cultivation, distribution of herbs,

Promoting Frontier technopreneurship

Makini is the API for industrial maintenance data.We provide software companies the easiest way to connect with maintenance software systems used on industrial facilities today.

Toi Driver is free System for quick and easy retrieval of various services for the event. A distinctive feature of the application is that the customer service itself has a cost and has a direct access to the performer without any intermediaries in the face event managers and event agencies.

Clockster is a technology that processes employee fingerprints. This helps companies see when they have started work or left the workplace.

IMAN is a halal fintech solution for investors, merchants, and shoppers. IMAN’s platform enables Muslim customers first in Uzbekistan (and soon worldwide) to invest and get funding ethically according to their beliefs, using IMAN’s platform.

СTOgram – a single centralized system for searching for service stations, spare parts, car washes, traffic fines and other services in the field of car service.

SmartSatu is an alternative B2B e-Commerce and Inventory Management platform where retail shops, chains and their suppliers can communicate directly and enjoy an unprecedented level of efficiency of trade.

UvU is a ride-sharing platform which connects parents with licensed vetted care-drivers on 4-seaters providing first-class transportation service for their kids to travel to school or extraclasses.

Full Nature Limited (FN) is an Organic Growing company headquartered in Hong Kong. FN is focused on cultivation, distribution of herbs, flowers and other high cash crops. We have years of expertise in USDA Certified Organic Growing cultivation and manufacturing operations operations

Diversity, cultural exchange, and inclusion

The Media Laboratory that achieves the creative needs of all its sister brands

The Kampong Bakery is a cloud bakery concept helmed by 28-year-old pastry chef Ng Si Ying. The online-only bakery specialises in modern treats served in innovative, Asian-inspired flavours. The Kampong Bakery is where the flavours of retro Singapore can be found and savoured in modern ways.


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